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Why Weight Management

Carrying extra weight can make us feel uncomfortable, not feel confident, and can cause increased pain and fatigue. Unhealthy weight which is defined as weight that is mostly composed of fat tissue and is located primarily around the middle of the abdomen or waistline, can lead to health problems including diabetes and heart disease and is important to address.

Functional Medicine & Weight Management / Weight Loss

Most weight loss programs work if they are followed closely, but it’s important to still get the proper nutrition to perform and feel your best and to burn fat, not muscle. Genetic testing of how your body uses nutrients can help direct you toward a diet that is right for you and provide insight into how big a benefit exercise will give you in obtaining and maintaining your weight loss goals. We will help you design a nutritional plan that works with your preferences, biochemistry, and genetics.

We measure your body composition, not just the number on a scale, and know that many factors affect weight. We may employ diets based on the principles of ketosis and intermittent fasting or just purely on clean eating, personalizing these recommendations with food choices and serving sizes uniquely set for you. Follow-up visits will assess how your body composition is changing and fine-tune your plan based on your current success, food preferences, and laboratory findings.

Spire Health Pathways providers believe that whole-body health is always the objective in losing weight and will guide you by identifying markers of underlying inflammation, evaluating for foods that are being identified by your body as toxins, and testing the complete function of your thyroid and cortisol levels which may be preventing you from burning calories efficiently, particularly fat. We will provide the support you need on this path that can often have emotional ties and help you find a wellness coach or mental health provider to work collaboratively with us to approach your goal from all angles.

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“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patients in care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” – Thomas Edison