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Kickstart Your Weight Loss With Semaglutide!

Semaglutide (also known by the brand names Wegovy and Ozempic) is a GLP-1 medication that can be a great way to get started with weight loss. Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows that if you don’t make lifestyle changes, the weight will come back, and that is ultimately very disappointing and frustrating!

Our weight loss program combines the power of Semaglutide to help control your appetite with the empowerment you will gain as we explore the lifestyle changes needed in your nutrition, movement, and sleep to get you to your goal and keep you there.

Spire Health Pathways Weight Loss Program combines the effectiveness of Semaglutide with the knowledge that their functional medicine providers have on how to support weight loss, support thyroid function, and to provide an effective food plan that is individualized for you based on your current medical issues, health status, and starting weight. You will have an initial blood test to assess for nutritional needs, markers of metabolic stress, and to determine if there is any risk to taking Semaglutide. You will then meet with a provider to discuss your results and the how to use the medication, and once you have started on treatment, meet your provider every 2 weeks to assess your progress, answer any questions you may have, and work on setting and attaining lifestyle goals that will give you long term success with your weight loss.

How does a GLP-1 medication like Semaglutide work?

Medications like Semaglutide work for weight loss by slowing the movement of food from the stomach into the small intestine. As a result, you may feel full sooner and feel full longer which leads to eating less food. It also works on the gut-brain axis and regulates the brain’s signals to the body that are interpreted as hunger, reducing the desire to eat more.

What is the cost of the Spire Health Pathways Weight Loss Program with Semaglutide?

The program at Spire Health Pathways for weight loss with Semaglutide pricing is $500 per 4 weeks of treatment and is not covered by insurance.   The program includes:

  • Initial blood work to assess your metabolic health and nutritional status.
  • Initial consultation with a functional medicine provider to discuss treatment, review your labs and make recommendations regarding supportive supplements for balancing sugar, supporting thyroid function, and optimizing nutrients.
  • Medication and supplies for weekly subcutaneous injections of Semaglutide
  • Follow up visits with a provider/coach every 2 weeks to focus on developing goals, food plans, etc. that are tailored to your particular needs

Ready to Begin?

  • Schedule an appointment with our staff through our appointment page to have your initial blood work drawn and to schedule your initial visit with a provider.
  • We require $250 (non-refundable) at the time of your blood draw which will be applied to your first 4 weeks of membership that includes your Semaglutide injections.
  • If you have further questions you may correspond with us through our Contact Page or call (720) 575-1922


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