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Functional Medicine’s Approach to High Cholesterol

50% of individuals who have a heart attack resulting in sudden death have normal cholesterol which means we must look further than the typical tests of Total and LDL Cholesterol.

High cholesterol often runs in families either because of genetic traits or shared lifestyle choices such as eating habits and activity habits. While most people associate high cholesterol with eating fatty foods, it goes far beyond this, often actually being tied to insulin problems and inflammation. We take a deeper dive into cholesterol testing by looking at lipoproteins and particle numbers, and by measuring inflammation of the arteries as well as measuring the carotid intima-media thickness which allows actions to be taken before a heart event occurs.

We examine your diet, exercise and toxin exposure as well as guide you with specific foods and supplements which help control your production and storage of cholesterol.

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Unexplained Symptoms

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Lifestyle & Environmental

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Autoimmune & Allergic

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Neurologic & Mental Health

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